Litter Traps opened in Rotterdam

Litter Traps opened in Rotterdam


23 April 2021

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Official opening

The Litter Traps in Coolhaven, Delfshaven and Keilehaven Rotterdam have been officialy opened. The partners Rotterdam Circulair, Cargill, HEBO Maritiemservice B.V en de municipality of Rotterdam were present at this small scale event. Thanks to these Litter Traps, CLEAR RIVERS will be able to collect more marine litter from the rivers and prevent plastic pollution from entering the sea.

CLEAR RIVERS’ Founding director, Ramon Knoester said: “During this trial period we have been able to try out and optimize the installations. We explored what the best locations within the city could be. We are extremely proud of the result: a system that works effectively with intense shipping, tidal changes and different wind directions. The Litter Traps capture marine litter by using the water current and most common wind direction. The Litter Trap has already proven its effectiveness in several (inter)national locations. We expect to retrieve an average of 150kg of marine litter a month”