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23 April 2021

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Aesthetic cast flooring made from plastic waste

In Rotterdam a new beautiful intiative has emerged under the appropriate name The Good Floor: aesthetic cast flooring made from plastic waste. The startup has partenered with Clear Rivers, who collect plastic waste with their Litter Traps in the Maas. This plastic waste gets sorted and cleaned, after which it gets processed into a raw material for aesthetic and sustainable cast floors. The PU-floors are suitable for both private and business applications.

Less pollution
The Good Floor wants to contribute to the reduction of worldwide CO2 emmissions by creating well thought out and sustainable flooring. The more cast floors get installed, the more plastic waste gets recycled. This way The Good Floor contributes to a cleaner environment, halting global warming and reducing toxic emissions, making our living spaces healthier to live in.

Clear Rivers
To produce the cast floors, The Good Floor has partnered with Rotterdam based company Clear Rivers, who collect plastic waste with Litter Traps. The plastic particles get sorted by colour and type. The collected plastic gets grounded into small particles after it has been thoroughly cleaned with water and a biodegradable detergend.

Popular with both consumers and architects
Cast flooring continues to grow in populairity with consumers and architects. The floors have a modern, homely and warm look and are easy to install. The PU (polyurethane) cast floors have sound dampening properties and are well suited to combine with underfloor heating. Cast flooring lasts for a long time and is easy to clean in an environment friendly way. The Good Floor adds two extra dimensions to that by using sustainable materials and a responsible production proces.

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