Project Description

Black Nazareth was the striking nickname of the municipality of Schiedam until the mid-20th century. Schiedam was known for its successful gin production. Most gin factories in the city have now made way for housing, just like on the Dirkzwager site. In the middle of the site stands an eye-catching building from 1908; a coppersmith’s shop with the only house on the site built on top of it.

In 2021, Architect Niels Olivier saw the opportunity to take over the building and convert it into a private home. After an intensive renovation, a beautiful home has been created.

The original concrete floor is finished with a recycled terrazzo floor from The Good Floor with plastic granules fished from the nearby river Schie. The white bio-based binder (9016 RAL) has a translucent sprinkle with pink and purple accents. The floor gives warmth and color to the industrial character of the house.

Architect: Niels Olivier
Year: 2023
Concept: Custom Design
Density: Medium (40%)
Plastic: Translucent + fluor & flamingo
Base colour: RAL 9016 (white)
Cliënt: Private
Photography: Niels Olivier