Project Description

LKQ Fource is a world leading global distributor of automotive parts and accessories, and @Hollandse Nieuwe Architects from Amsterdam took this as inspiration for their new office environment in Rotterdam. The playful layout, glossy textures, luxurious wooden elements and angled lines all contribute to an innovative and activating working environment.

The design is inspired by details from the automotive world. The closed spaces are designed like cars in a car showroom, with a glossy metal exterior and a glass centre strip. The interior has a high level of comfort. The office floors have an industrial feel and a cool colour palette of whites, greys and blues and the social areas have a warmer feel including green. The special recycled Terrazzo Floor / cast floor connects these two areas adds a cheerful note in an otherwise calm environment, with coloured, confetti-like flakes mixed into the cast floor itself.

Sustainability and material use
In all Hollandse Nieuwe Architects projects they strive to create the highest sustainability impact possible. ircular sources such as the Recycled Terrazzo / cast floor contains coloured flakes which are created from waste captured in the Maas River.

Architect: Hollandse Nieuwe
Year: 2023
Concept: Confetti mix of: yellow, pink, green, blue and translucent.
Density: Open
Plastic: Warm Mix
Base colour: RAL 7047
Cliënt: LKQ Fource
Photography: The Good Floor
Photography by: @ewouthuibers